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DONATE YOUR car to Veterans today! Help and support out Veterans. Fast, free pickup, 100% tax deductible; call 1-800-656-1632.
DO YOU live in constant pain? Never sleep? Are you dealing with nausea, anxiety, cancer, immune desease, inflammation, MS, PTSD Fibromyalgia, heart problems, muscle spasms, ghost pain, seizures, bacterial infections, tumors, arthritis, Bacillus, Crohn's, IBS, Parkinson's, manic depression, headaches, and are tired of taking pill after pill? Medical Cannabis is an alternative. Hi, I'm Randi Weems. I work with 5 local doctors who trust and have seen great results in all the above named medical problems when using Medical Cannabis. If you would like more information about the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, or if you're in need of medication, clones, caregivers or growers, please contact me Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm. Thank you. FarmFreshNorthWest LLC, 541-379-0747.
SMALL TRACTOR & backhoe service: brush hogging, pasture harrowing, pen cleaning, hay stacking, etc.; 541-240-1229.

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